We support the overseas distribution business.

 We deliver " UMAMI " culture from Japan to overseas.
 Japanese food brands recognized worldwide

sushi MK TRADING handles basic Japanese ingredients such as "Miso , Soy Sauce, Japanese Vineger, Japanese Pickles, Japanese Sake, Shochu, Awamori, Japanese Whisky" which is a fermented food made from rice, barley, beans, etc. using aspergillus oryzae. We also procure and supply raw whisky and matured barrels, which are enjoying a worldwide consumption boom.
"UMAMI" is regarded as the most important thing in Japanese cuisine. The main ingredients of "UMAMI" are glutamic acid, inosinic acid and guanylic acid, and they are delicious dishes cooked with Japanese ingredients containing "UMAMI". Since the discovery of "UMAMI" by Japanese scientist Dr. Kikunae Ikeda in 1908, it has been used internationally (Academic term) and is now a hot keyword as chefs around the world instruct it.

MK TRADING can make full use of its experience in overseas exports and imports in 30 to support the business of companies.


Supporting the Overseas Expansion of Japanese Food Products


 There is an opportunity to make use of Japanese food brands.

 "Safe, Delicious, and Beautiful" Japanese Food

Sushi eating After December 2013 "Japanese cuisine; Traditional Japanese food culture " was officially registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, the need for Japanese food has increased worldwide every year.
Japanese Food is highly regarded overseas because it is Safe, uses a wide variety of ingredients, is nutritionally well-balanced and Healthy, tastes good, and looks Beautiful.
Exports of agricultural, forestry, and fishery products increased 1.6 times from 550.5 billion yen in 2013 to 906.8 billion yen (preliminary figure) in 2018. " Japanese cuisine" such as Sake, Japanese Whisky, Miso, and Soy Sauce have increased, further expanding Japanese Food and Food Culture. The Japanese government is making concerted efforts to promote exports of agricultural, forestry, fishery and food products, aiming to achieve its FY 2019 target of \1 trillion. Now is the time for Japanese food brands to take advantage of their global presence.
MK TRADING aims to expand the market by quickly responding to domestic and international situations and disseminating Japanese food brands and culture to the world.

Sushi eating

 Japanese sake popular as rice wine

 Winner at the International Wine Challenge(IWC)
  Great Value Sake
  Champion Sake

sushibar_1_1The London competition, the world's most famous wine fair and the world's largest International Wine Challenge (IWC), is considered to be the most prestigious competition in the world.
In the 12 years since the SAKE division was established in 2007, the number of sake entries has increased every year, and the quality of sake entries has improved year by year. In 2019, 1639 sake entries were made from a record 456 companies, of which 97 were gold medals.
In May 2019, the winners of the "SAKE Category" were announced,and "Regular Sake Kikumasamune Freshly Squeezed Ginpack" and "Junmai Shichiken Furinbizan" were selected for the "Great Value Sake". "Champion Sake" was announced in London in July 2019.
Please try to handle "Japanese Sake" (Rice wine) in your country.

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  International Wine Challenge(IWC) →  The official link is here.

Seven consecutive years of record sales of Japanese alcoholic beverages

In 2018, exports of Japanese alcoholic beverages reached \61,827,000,000 (¥54,503,000,000 in the previous year), or 113.4% of the previous year's value, marking the 7th consecutive year of record exports. The export volume was 175496 kiloliters (168938 kl in the previous year), a 103.9% year-on-year increase, the highest rate for 9 consecutive years. It has increased about 4 times since 2009.
By alcoholic beverage, sales of refined sake (Account for more than 1/3 of total exports) rose 119%, to \22,232,000,000, and exports rose 109.6%, to 25747 kiloliters, both record highs for the 9th consecutive year. Sales of Japanese whisky were 109.8%, or \14,978,000,000, compared with the previous year, and those of liqueurs were 113.9%, or \5,672,000,000, compared with the previous year.
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  「nippon.com」 The official link is here. → “Nihonshu” Now : Behind the Global Sake Renaissance

 Export of Malt whisky and Blended whisky made in Japan


Supporting the Overseas Expansion


Due to the worldwide consumption boom of whisky, "single malt whiskey" has been recognized as a luxury item in the whisky market, and whisky distilleries in each region have achieved record exports.

The consumption of Japanese whisky has nearly doubled over the past 10 years, marking an unprecedented heyday. Due to its high popularity, some products of whisky unblended sake ran short and it was forced to stop selling. Over the past 10 years, Suntory's "Yamazaki", "Hakushu" Nikka's "Taketsuru" and "Yoichi" have increasingly won international awards.
In addition, the brewing techniques of breweries in various parts of Japan have been improved, and highly aromatic whisky is being produced every day by taking advantage of the region, climate and water resources. Japanese whisky is one of the world's top five whisky producing regions (Scotland, Ireland, the United States, Canada, and Japan). The quality of Japanese whisky has acquired brewing techniques comparable to those of its home, and it has become a place that attracts the attention of whisky lovers.

MK Trading will quickly supply your favorite brand of Japanese whisky overseas.
In addition, Whisky barrel for aging will also support overseas supply.
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 We support the creation of overseas business partners.

MK TRADING provides support for the export and import of products from the negotiation with overseas buyers, receipt of samples, confirmation of quality, selection of products, confirmation of quantity,transportation method, and contract negotiation.
Of course, after the contract is concluded, we will make a reservation for the ship and make a series of arrangements from customs clearance to shipping.
In Japan, we have opportunities for business negotiations at JETRO's (Japan External Trade Organization) business meeting and other company sponsored exhibitions, and we have opportunities for export and import negotiation with overseas manufacturers and overseas buyers and companies to support overseas distribution business.

MK TRADING will help you build better international business partners.

Main Service Process
We provide how-to information for overseas expansion by utilizing our own experience and knowledge of overseas export and import in 30 years for companies planning to expand overseas for the first time.
Business matching
We offer opportunities to expand sales channels at domestic business meetings and exhibitions that we invite from appointments with overseas buyers, and support business development from trade negotiations to contract negotiations.
Trade negotiations to contract negotiations
We provide business support from transaction negotiation to contract negotiation with overseas trading companies and overseas buyers by visiting overseas sites on behalf of companies.
Trade-Related arrangements and procedures
After the conclusion of the contract, we will make a reservation for loading the ship through a customs clearance (sea money) agent, and we will support you through customs procedures, loading of cargo, loading of cargo, and local delivery.