Greetings from the representative.

I have traveled around the world, mainly to the United States, Europe and Asian countries, bringing in business partners to engage in a range of overseas distribution operations, from brokerage and negotiation with overseas buyers to management, over the past 30 years. Thanks to the overseas business practices of my former foreign trading company, I have been able to acquire practical skills until our independence, and have been independent for six years.


*Japanese landscape, Mt. Fuji and Japanese green tea fields.

The registration of "Japanese cuisine; Traditional Japanese food culture" on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on December 5, 2013, the same year that MK TRADING was established, was a very good opportunity for our company. The Japanese government's concerted efforts to promote exports have enabled us to push ahead with more accelerated support projects.


*Scenery of a farming village in Japan

In Japan's climate and food culture, which are extremely blessed in each of the four seasons. The health consciousness of the Japanese people, who are now living in a country of longevity. On the basis of the efforts and tenacity cultivated by our predecessors and my father (work for a trading company) who have supported the Japanese economy since the end of World War II. In order to resolve the current social problems of the declining population and the declining demand in Japan due to the declining birthrate and aging population, we, together with our colleagues, will strive to increase the health of the people of the world and the bottom of the Japanese economy by promoting the use of Japanese ingredients such as "health" "safety" and "delicious" overseas.


Representative Profile


CEO:MASAMI KUWAKUBO (*center position)
  • ●1985: Joined a trading company
  • (* I have approximately 25 years of business and trading experience in the US, France, UK, Canada, India, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many other foreign countries.)
  • ●retired in 2013 due to independent opening.
  • ●June 2013: Obtained a wholesale liquor license.
  • ●July 1, 2013: Established MK TRADING.

News Topics


News Topics-1
Comments from our company representative who participated in the "Hong Kong Wine and Spirit Fair" held in Hong Kong in November 2014 was published in the "Taonyusu o utau newspaper of Hong Kong. The "Sasanokawa Sake Brewery Cherry Whiskey" in Japan was featured there The article is here.

News Topics-2
Comments from our company representative who participated in the international business negotiation meeting "Okinawa Grand Fair" held in Okinawa on November 27, 2015 were published in the Ryukyu newspaper in Okinawa
The article is here.

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